I help businesses to increase organic traffic, revenue and conversions as a Freelance SEO Consultant and Content Marketing Specialist.


UK SEO Consultant and Global SEO Expert

Hey! I’m Devendra. I provide result-oriented SEO consultancy services for clients of all sizes, from small businesses in the UK to larger businesses across any part of the world. Having been in the SEO Industry for the last 13 years, I have worked with various business types, such as local and hyperlocal, Mid to Large scale E-commerce websites, Asia’s Largest Gaming Company(MPL), Travel, Saas & B2B etc.

I am the UK’s leading name in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & I know you must be struggling with your rankings, organic traffic and conversions & you must have worked with average SEO consultants or agencies which didn’t yield any results.

I have a reactive approach towards SEO and after testing so many ranking signals in the past decade, I know what works and what doesn’t move the needle. Within our first call, I would be able to give you some insights on how you should approach it as there is no Silver Bullet SEO Strategy when it comes to SEO & every website has its own path towards organic growth.


Freelance SEO Consultant Services

Here are my Customised SEO Services for your business with a wide range of offerings that can suit you the best!

SEO Audits

Tailor-made technical and content Audits to learn about your website's organic performance and why you aren't ranking, whether your SEO agency, SEO Consultant or in-house resource is doing a decent job, what is holding your website back and what areas to focus upon. I provide a very detailed & professional SEO Audit for your website of any size & shape.

Local SEO

Our Best Seller! If you are a local business and struggling to rank on keywords related to your service in your city/area, then Local SEO is for you! Whether it's your Google Business Profile or Website, I will help you achieve top rankings on Google and get you more calls and Leads for your business. Our Local SEO Packages range from 300-500 GBP per month.

Content Marketing

As a freelance SEO consultant based in the UK, I know Content is King! Content is what makes your website relevant to visitors and search engines. Our Content Marketing Services help the SEO Strategy to scale further. We make sure our content ranks and brings in the relevant traffic. Content Marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing strategy.

E-commerce SEO

I've taken underperforming businesses and turned them into selling machines on Google. Nothing but the best results is acceptable and I will increase your WordPress or Shopify eCommerce sales. Our E-commerce SEO consulting Services start from 800 GBP Per month.

Technical SEO

Crawl budget, Rendering, Cannibalisation, Index bloat, Complex Schemas, Improper HTTP responses, Content Decay, You name it and I have solved it for many brands with a solid SEO Strategy. Technical SEO can Screw your Search Rankings, and having a strong Technical SEO is a backbone of a Solid Search Engine Optimization Plan. Auditing your website to find all technical glitches and issues on your website that can cause quality concerns when crawlers crawl the website.

Link Building & Digital PR

Google can tank you if your existing SEO experts or specialists indulge in any spammy backlinking activity. We focus on acquiring quality & relevant links that move the needle on SERPs. Building strong Citations, PR and editorial Links to gain trust & authority to dominate the highly competitive niches. Off Page SEO is another core Pillar of an SEO Strategy which can help you improve your search rankings only if done correctly.

Why choose me as your Freelance SEO Consultant in the UK?

With my tailor-made SEO services, I can’t just land you on 1st page Google but in the top 5 Spots where 50% of Clicks happen. Sadly, Most SEO Consultants might land you in the top 10, but your business still doesn’t get substantial business unless you are in the top 3 Spots of Google.

I have solved some of the complex Technical SEO Problems for numerous websites, such as Cannibalisation, Index bloat, Rendering issues, etc., which has helped them grow their organic search visibility & keyword rankings.

I’m so confident in my team of SEO Experts that I’m willing to put my name on the line to prove we have what it takes to improve your SEO presence.

Also, My freelance SEO services have a proven track record of success in growing traffic and revenue multifold in just 6-8 months of time frame and also sustaining that even after so many algorithm updates by Search engines like Google.

My SEO Services are very affordable compared to other UK freelance SEO consultants and don’t make a huge dent in your pockets. SEO doesn’t go cheap either, so my freelance SEO consultancy services have a balanced pricing model, which other SEO agencies will not provide.

How does my SEO Consultancy get Results?

I have a very customised approach from day 1 when we start SEO for our clients.


Analyse Current Scenario

As a freelance SEO consultant, it’s important to know what is the current situation of the website in search results; we do a detailed analysis and then only decide what approach to take. This is very crucial to actually get the right Impact and results once we implement our SEO strategy.


Detailed Technical SEO Audit

We do a detailed audit once we have clarity on our approach and analyse the website on all the aspects, that is, Technology, Content and authority. We create a detailed plan to execute all the gaps and actions in all three areas.


Improve Technical SEO

We do crawl analysis with multiple tools such as search console, screaming frog, deep-crawl, etc., to identify and fix all the technical SEO problems related to crawling, incorrect HTTP responses, server response times, wrong canonical, mixed content, missing metadata etc that are very crucial for rankings.


Keyword Research

For all SEO Projects we have, we make sure we do the right keyword analysis as it is the backbone of the information architecture of the website. Our website should be optimised with the right keywords as well and all the pages should match the Search Intent.


Topical & Content Strategy

We divide our keywords into Intent buckets, which helps us create Top of Funnel(TOFU), Middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) & bottom-of-the-funnel(BOFU) Content that actually takes our content marketing to the next level and helps our website generate high-quality organic traffic.


Competitive Intelligence & Analysis

To create long-term strategies and increase organic performance, we do an in-depth competitor analysis and check what SEO work they have done in the past to gain rankings. We make data-centric decisions to create better SEO strategies than our competitors so that we rank much better on Google and stay ahead in the game.

Case Studies

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Blogs and insights to get you started

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If you’re fairly new to SEO and aren’t sure where to start, I can help. My role is to create a successful SEO strategy so you don’t have to.

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Questions You Might Have in Mind

An SEO consultant helps businesses grow their website’s organic rankings in search engine result pages(SERP). A Freelance SEO consultant makes it easier for potential clients to find you on Google or any other search engine, helps you remain top in your niche, and increases your business’s revenue in a sustainable way.

My Local SEO Consulting Package starts from a monthly retainer of 500 GBP for a small local business and 1000 GBP for a medium size e-commerce website and it also depends on the size of the website and what is the competition in a particular category.

Unlike Other SEO Consultants, my charges are a bit lesser because I work with a very minimal workforce and have extremely low overheads. My team of SEO Experts work 100% Remotely from places like India, Philippines, Australia, etc. can deliver the same results as compared to any bigger SEO Agency.

On Average, SEO Freelancers & SEO Agencies charge somewhere between 1500-5000 GBP monthly for an SEO Project, which is on the higher side.

Yes, you can if you have the right experience and knowledge to execute the right SEO Strategies. You can become an SEO Freelancer and start working with other businesses and help them grow their organic traffic and revenue.

An SEO Consultant can charge you based on the website size and how much effort it takes to bring the right results. They can charge you as low as 500 GBP to as high as 5000 GBP, depending upon how experienced you are.

Some of my enterprise-level clients whom I am helping grow organic traffic in millions pay around 3500 GBP/Month.

Yes, Freelance SEO Consultants are totally worth it. In fact, they are much more focused and better than SEO Agencies as they are the SEO Experts and driving the business. They closely work with their team to generate the right results for the clients and businesses.

I have experience working in an SEO Agency and as an Independent SEO Consultant, and believe me, I have been able to bring better results since I moved on as a Freelance SEO Consultant.

  • Lesser & Affordable Cost

  • Faster Communication

  • Better results & outcomes

  • You work with an expert directly rather than with an agency account manager

  • More experienced

I provide my services to almost any business out there that is looking to grow their rankings, traffic, leads or revenue from organic Google searches such as :

  • Local Businesses: Plumbing and roofing Companies, Interior Design Companies, Kitchen and roof Restorations, Dentists, Law firms, etc

  • E-commerce websites

  • Marketplaces

  • SaaS Companies

  • Rubbish Removal Company

  • Hair Transplant Clinic

  • Cleaning Company

  • Pest Control Company

  • Payroll Services Company

  • Orthodontist

  • Photography Studio

  • Car Wash Company

Any business that can be optimised for the search and their customers are searching it on Google.


  • Optimise your website to rank higher on search engines like Google.

  • Make sure your customer finds you on top when he is searching for your services or product on Google

  • Fix your website’s technical SEO and make it faster, more accessible and optimised for users as well as Search engines

  • To enhance your website’s authority by link building or Digital PR to rank your web pages higher.

  • To grow your business presence organically on Google so that you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on Paid Marketing Services

  • To reduce your overall customer acquisition cost.

  • To Have a sustainable business running online

As a UK-based SEO freelancer, I offer SEO training but only to a very specific set of people and have very limited SEO training slots available.

My major focus has always been to grow a business online with the help of search engine optimization and get them higher search engine rankings.

Yes, SEO can drive tons of new business. It’s just a matter of fact that if your customers are searching for your services or products in any form on Google, then they can be targeted via a solid content strategy.

With this approach, SEO becomes a superior intent channel for traffic on your website and can be grown for any business, whether it is new or old.


Devendra Saini is one of the best SEO Consultants in UK and a Global SEO Expert who can help you grow your website rankings on Google.

In reality, no one can claim themselves as the best. You can only judge someone’s work based on their experience in the field and the kind of results they achieved on the websites they worked on.

Most of our clients are always frustrated with No Results from existing SEO Experts and Agencies they are working with.

With my decade-long experience, I have identified many SEO Strategies that used to work before but don’t work now. With orthodox approaches, you don’t get the right results.

SEO has evolved a lot in the past decade and you need a dynamic approach towards everything you do, such as Satisfying the searcher’s Intent, having the right content & UX on the page, Faster UI, Topical Authority and a lot of other factors that most of other SEO specialists don’t focus on.

As per Google, they get 15% New Google Searches every day and more than 8 Billion searches are happening on Google every day (2022 data). Just imagine, post-COVID, we have more people searching things on Google.

Do you think with such numbers, SEO can be a dying industry?

SEO is a growing industry and with time, the importance of this channel has grown massively. Bigger brands are investing more money into growing SEO as it helps them become more profitable.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a Global SEO Expert and consultant. In my career, I have worked with clients across all sectors. I also specialise in Local & international SEO.

It depends on your business objective. Some of my clients have been working with me for more than 3 years in a row. When we can achieve decent growth with time and see the revenue growing, they don’t want to slow down the growth by stopping the work.

SEO is a competitive industry so when you achieve top rankings, you must also sustain them and stay on top.

My Answer is SEO is an ongoing process; if you are achieving success with your SEO campaign, then you shouldn’t stop the work but should work on a maintenance model and grow further and stay on TOP.

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